Clean Master

Clean Master

This is a top ranked optimization tool for your phone. Clean Master not only optimizes your phone but also contains a space cleaner and a protective antivirus for protecting your android device. To speed up your device, Clean Master removes residual/cache files, junk files that are known to considerably slow down your android device. With this professional cleaner, you can get extra space on your phone by cleaning up social apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram without any fear of deleting important files.

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Clean Master also has the ability to close any running programs automatically thus releasing RAM memory. The 1 tap function of boosting your phone is also very popular among users. The one tap widget enables you to boost your phone to top speed by simply tapping on the icon. The app also acts as a battery saver by extending the device’s battery life through hibernation of the running apps in your phone. The Clean Masters Wi-Fi security feature that was added as an update helps users detect fake Wi-Fi signals and unauthorized Wi-Fi connections ensuring you have total security.

Features of Clean Master

  • It is an app manager and lets you install or uninstall  and even move files to and from your SD card to the phone storage
  • Charger master prevents your device from overcharging
  • Gives you quick access to apps and tools
  • Manages your apps
  • Ensures privacy through the app lock PIN or pattern

Why should you download Clean Master?

After using this app for more than two years, I have found it to be highly reliable, fulfills its functionality, and very easy to use. The app has a great ability to do away with junk files in record speed and can even wipe up to 1GB of files in less than minutes. In the time that I have used this app, it has succeeded in saving me more than 15 GB of phone space memory.

This app is a very comprehensive android tool with lots of functional features. It has an average rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 stars from more than 18 Million reviews in the online stores. Through managing your phone storage and SD card storage, it will notify you when you exceed the storage space so that you can manually clear all your cache and junk files which are the files that are left by an app when you uninstall it.

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Clean Master

Clean Master

How to Install App from Google Play
  • 1Open the Google Play Store.
  • 2Search the application name which you wish to download in the Search bar of Google Play app
  • 3Press the “Install” button to install the application.
  • 4Press “accept” and Follow the instructions which displayed on your screen.
Learn how to install Apple Apps
  • 1Open App Store on your iOS device.
  • 2Search the app name
  • 3Click on “GET” button

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Uninstall the app:

1. Go to Settings menu;

2. Choose Apps or Application manager;

3. Touch the app you want to remove;

4. Press Uninstall.

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